Pouca Terra

CD Pouca Terra - Duo Raposo

About Pouca Terra

The first album, “Pouca Terra”, released early in June, 2019, tells the story of a great human and musical adventure. In 2006 the Duo Raposo is invited to play in Coimbra, and on that occasion they will meet Octávio Sérgio and Eduardo Aroso, two of Fado’s greatest composers and interpreters.

In 2019, the latter take the trip to Brussels and record for the album together with the Raposo brothers, three traditional scores that Miguel, the Duo’s composer, has specifically arranged for a string quartet.

Thus their first album depicts in the most beautiful of ways their first musical landmark, that of their father’s origins. 

Miguel Raposo (Portuguese guitar), Philippe Raposo (classical guitar), Octávio Sérgio (Portuguese guitar), Eduardo Aroso (viola), Red Gjeci (violin), Benjamin Gillis (violin), Clément Holvoet (alto), Jérémie Ninove (cello).

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